Consultative Professional Organizer & Coach

Maria Ruiz, Professional Organizer
Professional Organizing Solutions, LLC

A consultative and holistic Organizing business with simple, organizing solutions virtually and in house to maximize your life. 
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The Maximizer Organizer

Live Simply

Who Are We?
Working Parents, Caretakers and Small Business Owners

What Do We Do?
Achieve order, function, clarity, and aesthetically appealing spaces 

How Do We Do It?
By curating organizing systems and structure around objects, spaces, and data

Why Do We Do It?
To maximize YOUR time, energy, and resources for sustainable long-term success Learn More
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Why Hello....

Thank you, I appreciate you being here with me.

I hope you are wondering why I am the "Maximizer Organizer?" Well, a few years back, on a weekend spa getaway with my besties, we stayed at a lovely Elizabeth Arden Red Door Marriott. My besties love to sleep in during vacation, but me, I am an early riser—7 days a week, vacation or not! So, I got them all up early, planned their spa treatments and ordered room service. Well, our Maximizer Organizer does it again! You are such a Maximizer, girl! “  My love and passion for organizing, planning, coordinating and most importantly making my clients happy gave birth to the Maximizer Organizer!

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Simplify. Organize. Maximize